Jesse Wallis


I am a painter. I create most of my artwork digitally with a tablet in Photoshop, but I also enjoy oil painting because it allows me to paint in a more organic way. I always start with a sketch on paper and then move it onto my computer where I redraw my outlines digitally. I then block in my colors with bright solid colors, block in shadows, then blend to make the colors coherent. Lastly, I add highlights. My lines are obvious and solid. I do not like messy lines or coloring in my paintings. I like to use vibrant colors because they easily catch the viewer’s eye.


I draw my inspiration from the video games that I play and from other digital artists like Kekai Kotaki and Feng Zhu. I also draw from the beautiful scenery I see around me when I walk around Santa Cruz. With my artwork, I seek to explore themes of contradiction, such as dark and light, or vibrant colors and deep shadows. I lean towards creating imaginary scenes rather than realistic ones because it allows me to explore more colors and create fantastical creatures.